Matthew McCrossen, Councilman-Elect, Helotes City Council Place 3
Matthew McCrossen for Helotes Council Place 3
Helotes, Texas
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Regulatory Reform

I will undertake extensive, consistent and data backed initiatives to reform Helotes ordinances, department and employment policies. The ultimate goal here is to enable transparency, increase the autonomy of our City Administrator, Department Chiefs/Heads, and reduce public burden on our citizens and businesses while ensuring we are a well managed city.

Police, Fire & EMS
Ensure our Helotes first responders are well equipped, well trained and competitively compensated for their services. As of this moment I am aware of a specific issue relating to training and certifications. I was educated by the first responders who are directly impacted. The several employees who shared their grievances did so expecting me to uphold my reputation for protecting the identity of my sources. To-date I have not scheduled meetings with department heads. Now that my candidacy filing is official I can announce it as such, and will be scheduling meetings with city department heads to discuss the issues I am aware of and what solutions are legally available to the City. What I can say at this time, is as a former Army Senior Noncommissioned Officer with nearly a decade of active duty service, four Iraq tours, responsible for the training, management and operations of servicemembers under my charge, what I have learned is unacceptable if all the information is substantiated. If substantiated, I will engage in making appropriate changes to fix the items now, and ensure they never happen again in the future as long as I am on council.
Public Burden
I will discuss with city staff the issues my current supporters have brought to my attention and those issues I learn of along the campaign trail regardless of who supports me or not. At the forefront now is permitting fees and the process. Permitting fees and processes have been the bulk of almost every conversation had in the past several months. I personally want to address the the cost and time burden placed on individual citizens and businesses. It is my belief that any permitting fee must be reasonable from the perspective of covering additional costs of code and ordinance enforcement. Any fee imposed on a citizen or business should be applied fairly to all and not be manipulated by government so they effectively become a tax disguised as permit or statutory fee.

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