Matthew McCrossen, Councilman-Elect, Helotes City Council Place 3
Matthew McCrossen for Helotes Council Place 3
Helotes, Texas
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Political Reform

I will undertake extensive, consistent and data backed initiatives to reform city council policies that enable transparency and accountability of the Mayor and Councilmembers. Reforms I initiate will have simple goals. These goals are detailed on this page.

Rebalance City Council Power
It is my intent to work with my council colleagues and city staff to identify Helotes City Council policies, resolutions, ordinances, as well as Texas Statutes that through manipulation of procedures disenfranchise any councilmembers’ vote and/or ability to properly represent the voters. I will advocate changes to take power from the Mayor’s office and return it to the councilmembers within reason. Any items I personally disagree with, and cannot change, I will document it and share the legal reasons via my communication platforms.
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Helotes Economic Development Corporation
I will propose a plan to remove conflicts of interest and overhaul the appointee nomination and selection process for the Helotes Economic Development Corporation. My goal is to ensure the board of directors are able to act in the best interests of the city without the unchecked influence the Mayor’s office has. For more details and background on this position, click the link below.
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Boards & Commissions
Similar to what I will propose for the Helotes Economic Development Corporation; my goal is to ensure councilmembers have an active role in the section process prior to City Council meeting where council approves nominees. Additionally, it will my personal goal to ensure there is a consolidated list of boards and commissions, the description of the organization’s purpose and list in-near-real-time the vacancies with a policy for City staff to routinely request nominee applicants to fill current or upcoming vacancies.
Agenda Item Due Diligence
I will review City Council policies related to items placed on the agenda for discussion, staff guidance and action. I will work with staff and Council to address any policy I see as obstructive to the legal open discussion of any item a Councilmember is asked to discuss and take action on. If there is nothing to change, I will lead by example and only vote on items after personal and thorough due diligence.

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